Carney Bonner

Believe. Build. Together.

Carney's Projects

Keeping It Safe Online

Keeping It Safe Online was the first project Carney worked out at the age 16. This was a campaign that was funded and supported by Channel 4. It was part of a TV show called Battlefront which gave young people a chance to run a national campaign around the UK. This campaign brought Carney’s experience from being a victim of Cyber Bullying and Mental health issues. It was a chance that Carney was able to share his story but also help other young people learn from his experiences. This campaign was launched in October 2010 and was part of Carney’s official projects as a Youth Member of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament.
Carney worked on this project with his project team as well as the media team from RAW TV. Keeping It Safe Online was a campaign that grew with Carney over years. The project looks different to what it did in 2010, however the message has always stayed the same. Keeping it Safe Online has enjoyed a good working relationship with local and national media outlets as well local schools and colleges. The project has since merge with a different project Carney has been running. You can still see the early stages of Keeping It Safe Online and also the foundation that it set for Carney and his Campaigning work.
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Cyber Safety Lesson in partnership with Fixers UK

Cyber-bullying isn’t as widely understood as it should be, and I am campaigning for an anti-Cyber Bullying week to be held in schools to benefit students and teachers alike.

 Considering its prevalence in today's society, I think it’s important that young people know how to cope with online abuse, and know how to stay safe on the internet.

 I was once cyberbullied myself. After school I’d come home and receive messages telling me that I should kill myself. This eventually led to me becoming withdrawn from school life, family and friends. I began self-harming and even considered taking my own life. I didn’t know where to turn.

 A close friend of mine eventually encouraged me to get help, and thankfully I managed to rebuild my life.

 I now want to be that encouragement for other young people.

 With Fixers I want to set up school workshops and an awareness week to show young people that support is out there. I want them to truly understand the dangers of cyberbullying and know how they can stay safe online.
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Believe. Build. Together

This is the new project which is fighting to remove the stigma of Mental Health Illnesses in Young and Old people. This campaign is due to be launched in September and will be working closely with a number of different communities, businesses and charities. This campaign is giving the power back to the people who are suffering from mental illnesses and showing them they can achieve what they want. This campaign is going to being young and old people together with one common goal. To remove the stigma and start to talk.
Mental health has always been put to one side and not spoken about. However this campaign is bring light back onto the subject and is going to be led by Carney himself.

If you would like to get involved please visit the contact page and fill in your information.