Carney Bonner

Believe. Build. Together.

Believe. Build. Together
A Mental health Campaign putting you back into control

Believe. Build. Together is Carney’s new mental health campaign. This campaign looks at removing the stigma around mental health victims and ex victims. This campaign is going to be bring both victims and ex victims together to show people that they do not need to be treated differently.

Many people often judge people with mental health issues without getting to know them. As Carney is also an ex victim of mental health issues he wants to high light that people don’t need to act different. This campaign is also going out and working with Schools, Colleges and universities to work with students. Working with students to help them understand where they can go ifthey want to talk but also ways to support themselves.

Currently the NHS is at a point where they have more referrals than resources. Believe. Build. Together is aiming to help support people whilst they’re on waiting lists. We believe that if we don’t help our generation now then our future could be at risk.

Mental health doesn’t always get the support it should from Government. Whilst there are now a lot of mental health campaigns & charities we still have gaps. The idea behind this campaign is bring people together to make a change. This isn’t an issue which can be solved overnight. However, through believing in people we can help build them again. By coming together our voice is louder and we can get the investment from Government so we are able to invest in your generation, our generation and the next.

Believe. Build. Together are lucky to have been funded on a level 1 programme from o2 Think. This is an amazing opportunity for the campaign. This is has been a step in the right direction. It shows that big business do care about our generation.
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*Disclaimer, the views of this campaign do not represent o2 or o2 think big. They are the views of Carney Bonner and his campaign team*

*All money that is raised for this campaign goes back into  the campaign. All members of the campaign give up their own time and volunteer*