Carney Bonner

Believe. Build. Together.

Carney's Story

Believe. Build. Together.

How did it all start?

At 14 Carney was found victim of Cyber Bullying. He was receiving messages each day, telling him to go kill himself, that he was nothing, and that no one would care if he died.
Carney was receiving messages like this every day and this started to take a toll.
Carney started to self-harm and tried to take his own life. These messages started to take a toll on Carneys’ education and on Carneys’ mental health. 
At such a young age this is not the type of experience you want from secondary school.
Life isn't meant to be easy at the age of 14. You should not ever want to be dreaming about your own death. However this was not the end for Carney, and a lot of lesson were learned.

In 2010 Carney was elected as Youth MP for Swindon. This was an elected office which Carney set out to go and get votes from young people.
Carney was voted in by the young people of Swindon, to stand up for their rights.
Carney was in this office for 2 years before standing down as Youth MP. He was lucky enough to be re-elected by the young voters of Swindon. 
Whilst in Parliamentary Office Carney started to work with Channel 4 on a TV programme called Battlefront. This was Carneys’ chance to take his Cyber Bullying campaing from a Swindon based campaign to a national campaign, all over the United Kingdom.
Carney set out to help young people overcome the issues of Cyber Bullying.
Carney saw this platform as the start of his Campaigning career. The campaign with channel 4 ran for 12 months, however that wasn't the end of his work but just the start.
Carney has been lucky enough to work with international media outlets as well national outlets. He appeared on ITV, Channel 5, Sky News, BBC 3 and many more. 


Now at the age of 23 Carney has his eye set on ensuring he continues his work around mental health awareness and Anti Cyber Bullying.
Carney has continued to work on his Anti Cyber Bullying, taking it to schools and colleges around the United Kingdom. The Anti Cyber Bullying campaign is close to his heart and this was something that Carney thought he would never be able to do.
Carney has continued to learn from his past experience, but also new experiences from the work he does with Schools and Colleges. 
With any work, there can be draw backs and there are often some challenges which come arise. Although campaigning can be demanding, Carney has been able to build a support network of family, friends and supporters.

Support Network

Without this support network Carney wouldn't be where he is today.
His campaigning career is still growing and this one campaign that Carney is wanting to take on to a bigger stage to help young people worldwide.